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In 1998, Restaurant Guide Atlanta was created by Frank Nance, a local Tucker, Georgia resident for several years. Our website has grown over the years, due largely to the loyal website users we've established. Our website is very "user-friendly". We've attempted to list as many Metro Atlanta  restaurants as possible. There are over 18,000 restaurants in Metro Atlanta. Currently, over 12,000 restaurants are listed on our website,  and that number grows each week! A large number of those restaurants have their menu listed. We're striving to get more restaurants to list their menu. We can do this for as little as a dollar a day, or about the price of a cup of coffee.

Our website has gotten over 9 MILLION HITS since we started. Now that's a lot of hungry people! Our loyal website users can find a cuisine section, catering, menu guide, entertainment, local bars and lounges, and a search page for them to search by name, street, city, Zip code, cuisine, and much more! 

If you own a local Metro Atlanta Restaurant, and would like to be listed, just call Frank Nance at 770-573-1776 or 770-873-0343. Frank has over 30 years of advertising experience, and is a certified webmaster. He can offer you several options: List your business name by cuisine, place your menu, create a home page, add food pictures, a map, picture of your restaurant, staff and more. Call today.

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